Collège Saint-Sacrement

Collège Saint-Sacrement in Terrebonne, current home of the Quebec Festival of Youth Orchestras, came about in the early twentieth century from the wishes of the Fathers of Très-Saint-Sacrement to develop a juniorate, a house where young recruits trained. It so happened that the fathers bought for this purpose Manoir Masson, the prestigious residence built by Sophie Raymond Masson, widow of Joseph Masson, who was Seigneur of Terrebonne from 1832 to 1847.

This was the time, well before the establishment of Quebec public high schools, when the dioceses and religious congregations founded seminaries and offered young people the opportunity of a religious education. They also welcomed boys who, even if they were not considering the priesthood, were pursuing their studies and preparing to play a role in society.

Over the years this residence, now dedicated to education, received a host of young men with the will to strive for excellence, and who began their classical studies in an environment steeped in history.

Collège Saint-Sacrement
In the early 1960s the situation changed completely. Civil society was investing in a network of public schools and everyone had the opportunity to pursue their studies beyond the primary level. As the school population increased the seminaries which had been in place since the French regime had to either adapt or disappear.

Thus the École secondaire Saint-Sacrement (ESSS) took over from the Fathers of Très-Saint-Sacrement, continuing with more resources the work of education at the secondary level in Terrebonne that had started 70 years earlier. Without the Séminaire Saint-Sacrement, the ESSS would not exist, and without the ESSS, the Séminaire Saint-Sacrement would not have been able to continue.

The tradition has endured, and 100 years later, students – girls and boys – continue the same search for culture in an environment even richer in history and with the same enthusiasm as in the past. Collège Saint-Sacrement (as ESSS was renamed in December 1999) is proud of its roots and upholds its tradition of excellence in social, cultural and sporting achievements.

The current administrators consider themselves heirs and custodians of a precious heritage. They are committed to continuing the work of secondary and general education in Terrebonne started nearly a century ago with the same enthusiasm and selflessness brought by the religious founders.

In short, the Collège Saint-Sacrement is a school of life rooted in the past, solid and stable as the stones in its walls and looking towards the future as its towers point skywards.

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